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[urgent] Please Review Hosting Application


Referring to this application: http://forums.xisto.com/topic/59394-free-web-hosting-application-screened-approved-by-miikerocks-request-for-site-please-read/


After reviewing his website there seems to be some illegal content available for download.


Simply register an account and you'll find many illegal downloads. One offering Adobe Photoshop CS3 for free. (Serial code/crack included in post). It lam ans terms this is a warez website. He intends on making the same form of website with Xisto hosting as described in his application.


Free Downloads-No viruses, no spyware or adware, just plain downloads found from all over the internet. I want people to be able to find all the programs they've been looking for all from one site, without having to worry about getting a virus, or adware/spyware. Im want to also give away programs I've paid for (almost in a lottery type thing). Also a place to hang out, take about sites and video games. And a section for public contribution

Surfing through the boards I find a post called "Quicktime Pro Free, Yet another crack!! No download needed!!". Giving step by step instructions on how to open Quicktime Freeware to be used as the Pro version.


I STRONGLY recommend this application be denied and his hosting shut down as this does violate our terms of service.


Kubi,if you read the full thread, the member does not own the Domain they originally requested.They have altered the application to a sub-domain of Xisto.what URL did you check?


Ah, I'm sorry. A link would help wouldn't it.

I searched through his posts and found one that had some coding in it. The address is within the code:



Sigh... sometimes I just don't know where to draw the line.I was asked by OpaQue to take care of Xisto forum, then Xisto forum and others... but I don't think I should extend my "unwelcome" hands in terminating hosting accounts. I think that's what Xisto - Web Hosting techs are for.I'm going to report this to OpaQue and let him handle according to Xisto Hosting policy.Good work guys!


I checked his domain for now and I do not find any files under it. Its brand new and completely unused hosting account.


May I have some references or screen shots to take some action?

- I greatly appreciate the help put in by the staff to get these culprits off our network -


Please feel free to use this account I have set up on there website for further investigation:Account: KubiPassword: t17staffI will also keep an eye out on there Xisto account for malicious activity.


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