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Hi, I'm interested in game creation on websites. The game should be playable via web browser. I'm not new in programing, I know C++, C# and OpenGL api. But I'm new on Java. So I have some questions I want to ask You:Will I'l be able to create simple 2d game with java which would be playable via web browser? Simple 2d game means: timers, images, animated sprites, in game font.Will I'l be able to use OpenGL? Or I should use something different?Does Xisto suports java graphics features I want?Thank You for Your time and answers.


k im and expireneced java program and yes it is all possiblethe best way for an advance java/c++ person is to code the game in c++ use java as the client.a good example for you would be http:://http://www.runescape.com/
its more like what your talking about2d it has timers images and all the above its browser based javai think that Xisto offers itim working on a game myself identical to what your talking about and its going great!


Thank You for answer. I hope I will be grant a web page to begin my game development. It would be great if You share Your development experience in this forum, I would like to see You game . Good Luck


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