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Selling My Mccodes License MAKE YOUR OWN MMORPG


If you would like to make your own mmorpg, you need mccodes. It is a simple edit and upload set of codes where you can make and mmorpg and make money. I have the best set of codes they have to offer which costs $300 USD brand new. I havent found time to make a MMORPG so if you would like to purchase these for $50 or maybe a few dollars less please do let me know because I cant use them, I have no time! And I am sure one of you guys would like to set up your own MMORPG! THanks and please PM me if you are interested! Peace out guys and thanks!


Yep, if you are interested just PM me and I will give you my paypal address and we can talk business!


If you would like to make your own mmorpg, you need mccodes.

Or you could get off your lazy *bottom* and learn how to build one from scratch. It's up to you. Hmm lets weigh our options:

a. Spend 3 months making an mmorpg that nobody wants to play with mccodes not learning anything, and think you are amazing for using somebody else's hard work for your own stupid game.

b. Spend 6 months making an mmorpg that nobody wants to play by programming it from scratch and actually get more experienced in the programming language.

c. Get an internship at a game developer studio, learn from the pros how to make games and help design games people will actually play.



you can built a cool game from scratch in less than 6 months even less than 3 months, depends on your abilities...and with the script it's really waste of time..to add something new you need to know all that variables and functions builded by someone else..I've tried myself to use such a script, you get someone's game replica with no special difference even you change all images.. and sometimes ask yourself why some things don't work fine..really if the script is not with a legend and some instruction is almost useless.and even so, if you don't add new functions and things there's no originality, nobody will play that for more than 1-2 months..


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