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Error Page Question


is it possible to make a .php error page and not .shtml?Or possibly have it use an include on my index page?(my include links are like index.php?page=namegoeshere)any ideas as to how to do either of these?


I think this is possible. You will have to edit the .htaccess file in your root directory ( www ). Please check it.


there is nothing there about it.


Here's what you could do:In your .htaccess file (which should be in your public_html dir) you can put lines likeErrorDocument 404 /pagenotfound.phpErrorDocument 500 /errors/error500.phpor whatever you want.That would mean that your error pages would be php pages. If I were you I wouldn't make the 500 ones php enabled though. If something goes wrong on the server side, it may very well be php related, and serving your visitors with a blank page, or an error on an error page is hardly elagant :rolleyes:I think you could edit your .htaccess file to parse shtml files as php as well.HTH


yeah, the only page i would really use mostly would be the 404 file not found page.Thanks i will try this.EDIT:: Thanks! it works!


Thanks for helping out our member. For that, i give you reputation Lol, thanks for the help and enjoy the rep!


Woo! Thanks! I'm glad I could help


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