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Regarding Member 'dhruv"


I denied his application the first time around because of his lack of post quality. He posted a few times, that I'd hardly consider an improvement, and then copied a thread from another website. So I denied it again.

Haslip you screened it so I'd like to apologize for denying it on you, but he obviously doesn't get it. I've warned him..

Application: http://forums.xisto.com/topic/58306-free-hosting-screened-denied-by-dhruv/

Thread closed.


Sometimes I over look on many things. So if a moderator places warning(s) or now we have the rating system, I am and have been using that as my first guidance.


And I missed the copied post. My bad!Good catch, Kubi. I've not been spending much time on the computer with the nice weather, Yard work to do, etc. I'll try to be more diligent.Thanks for noticing and reacting. I felt the member had improved enough, but didn't see the copying of a post. no problem. It is a team effort.


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