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Hide And Test Bbcodes

electriic ink

Is one going to replace the other? We still have both and have had them for some time now.


Also, I'd like to make a suggestion. Rather than having just






And have abc replace Click here to show/hide in the current bbcode.


[hr=shade]For those uninformed, this is what the HIDE bbcode looks like:[/hr]




And this is what TEST looks like:



Ah, TEST bbcode was to develop the current HIDE tag and was never removed. And since I was going to develop further useful bbcodes I decided to keep it around. I was trying to see if member's name would appear within or at the start of HIDE tag but I guess not. It will be wiped off.HIDE=whatever I thought this might have been risky but so does QUOTE. A member can place anything in that line and make it look official. Alright let me see if I can do that... I'll keep it advised.But this would mean editing all those previous hidden bbcodes... It will take a lot of time.


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