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No More Links At The Top? why?


Why do we not have any more links at the top for say the arcade and such? It was quite convenient to have the army system button up there.


hey yeah, that's a good point! i noticed that today as well...maybe they were taking up too much space on the layout or something like that


Yes. They were taking up a lot of space and also kinda ugly. Many people were getting confused. I have shifted them to the Main PORTAL Page. They can be found on the right hand side.Also, Many useless pages were being indexed by google due to the link on the top. So, another main reason is Search Engine Optimization.The portal has been improved too. Members can access the last 75 Fresh Replies and respond to it. If you want, I can reduce this number.The Left bar gives them access to any forum , Sub-Forum Directly.Any Suggestions, Please put em. I desperately need more suggestions to improve this place .


So basically our front layout is taking up lots of space? Hmm. I can't offer much help as ar as coding is concerned but maybe we could get rid of some of the hacks.


They are back now


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