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C++ Book I need a good C++ Book


Can you guys tell me where can I get a good C++ book. It can be electronic format of paperback. I just ned a book, that's it. Just name a bookI will be interested in beginner level books but you can also list good intermediate & advanced level book cause I'm going to learn whole C++ this summer. It's kinda my resolution. *Please mention the level of book beside (Beginner OR Intermediate OR Advanced).*Thanx in advanceDave


Well I learned from an old book called "Problem Solving Using C++" by Yuksel Uckan. It was published in 1995, and it was old when I learned from it 6 years ago, but I was in 7th grade at the time and it made it really easy, I would definitly suggest it; however, I don't know of any other books as the rest I just learned from google.


Thanx t3jem,It's really helpful of you to reply so soon. I will immediately order the book at Amazon. I hope that they have the stock. This will be my !st book on C++.Really you helped a lot.Dave


I read C++ For Dummies: Complete Desktop Reference as my first book. It is great for beginners and I learned alot. Read it slow though, cause the OO portion of it is kind of confusing.


C++ Primer Plus is probably one of the best ones out there. It's what we used in my C++ class. It's a fairly hefty book, and you can pick up a new copy from amazon for around $35, or used for around $25.


Which book is the easiest when you switch from PHP to C++, or do C++ together with PHP? Or doesn't that matter?


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