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Time For Trap17 To Make That Step Forward?


I guess it's almost too official:


Xisto is getting pretty large.


First of all, before I continue with this, here's another forum structure that I came up with (wow this took 1.5 hours to make)


I got rid of some things that I don't find very successful and combined others.



- Alerts and Notices

--- Inactive Accounts


- General Chit Chat


- Support and Feedback

--- Hosted Members

--- Guests


- Staff

--- Temporary Trash Bin






- Tutorials

--- Film and Photography

--- Programming

--- Gaming Guides and Walkthroughs

--- Life hacks and other How Tos

--- Computer Graphics (Redirection Link to GFX Trap)

--- Other


- News - First Information Report


- Ideas, Theories, Possibilities, Innovation


- Creativity Forum


- Trapinion - Your Voice, Your Review




The World Wide Web**


- Web Authoring

--- Web Design and Showcase

--- Web Programming and Scripts

--- Advertising and Marketing


- Web Browsing

--- Google Services

--- Email and IM

--- Web 2.0


- Freebies

--- Giveaway of the Day


- Make Money Online




Computers and Technology**


- Computer Software/Hardware

--- Windows

--- Mac OS

--- Linux

--- Hardware


- Gadgets

--- MP3/MP4 Media Players

--- Mobile Phones

--- Portable Computers




Gaming and Entertainment**


- Gaming Consoles


- Gaming Genres

--- Action/Adventure


--- Sports

--- Puzzle/Strategy

--- Educational

--- Flash/Java Webgames


- Entertainment

--- Videos

--- Movies/TV Shows

--- Jokes

--- Music

--- Photos






- Dating and relationships

--- Dating advice

--- Infidelity and Breakups

--- Relationships

--- Your Dating Stories


- Home & Garden

--- Cars and Transportation

--- Gardening

--- Pets and Animals

--- Home Appliances and Tools


- Education

--- Early Childhood Education

--- High School (Secondary)

--- Universities and Colleges

--- Online Education

--- Homework Help


- Health and Fitness

--- General

--- Diet, Nutrition, and Weight Control

--- Men's Health

--- Women's Heath

--- Spirituality


- Travel and Vacation


- Concerns in Life

--- Vent

--- Counseling and Advice





Here is an example of how this can be implemented. I think that Xisto's forums should now be divided into different categories on different pages, for example like this:









It will be divided according to the categories with "**" next to it.


Here is a quick sketch I made in photoshop depicting something that might work as the forum home page. I think the decreased amount of links makes the search engine think that it's less spam-possible, but I'm not sure. I apologize for how ugly it looks but I had to rush a bit.



Obviously the actual verison won't be so stripped down and lack anything on the front page.


Yeah! I want to do this.. But this will take lot of time. And this will be implemented once I include all the categories and topics are setup on Xisto.This is exactly what I have in mind but I was thinking of a tree view of forums to help members navigate and post -Shree


Haha, that's awesome! I'll be willing to help as much as I can! :lol:Also, you could use Ajax technology or just javascript hovering. It will save all the stuff that no one actually reads (like descriptions) and those things can be called by ajax at any time, without prefetching it or grabbing it off the server when it's not needed and wasting bandwidth.


No Ajax by any chance. Its hated by Search Engines


Ah! Gotcha! :lol:I'm not that good with SEO ... only complaining about designs lol


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