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I'm A New Hosted Member hello


Hi! I'm a new hosted member! Except I need to know what problems and benefits of being a hosted member is... Please give some comments so I can get a good idea of the service (althought I heard it's very good). So far, Cpanel has all the features I need, except for the best theme in the world (Cpanel 9 default theme is cool!) Anyways, I love this service, and I would like to say thanks to everyone who helped me!


Welcome man! This is a great hosting company that gives its services for free. They only ask that you take part in the disscussions of this great community forums. Ive found no problems yet with Xisto and they are doing a great job! If you need more space or bandwidth they will give it to you as long as your active in this community and have correct # of good posts.


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Welcome aboard Dooga to the Xisto community. Hopefully you are enjoying your web service so far. There are no problems for hosted members that I can think of. The benefits of being hosted is that you get all that stuff in your cpanel and you become part of the hosted group. Like SilentWarrior said, all Xisto admins ask in return is to be contributive to the forums and <- snipped -> Support Xisto, spread the word, and help others. Enjoy your stay here Dooga. }}}}}}


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