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Here's My Banner My first banner


I'm very bad at banner design, but I managed this... it's a start... right?


I made it in only 10 minutes, so it's very wierd... the graphics are very bad...


But At least it's animated... even though a bit unprofessional


It's an ad... right? Ads aren't always professional!



Please give me comments as I never made a banner before and I want to know how I can improve!






I like it, simple design and straight to the poing, but, it would be better if the frame with the feature Xisto offers are was shown for longer, so that you have time to read and realy think about it.


Good Idea! Thanks for your comments! Does Xisto actaully use any of the posted banners? How about flash banners? Wouldn't that be cool? I would love the capability to make a flash banner... with SOUND!!! I envy those who can Anyways, thanks for your comment... I'll change the banner soon... probably restart one anyways...~Dooga


yea it's pretty good, the only problem is that it looks a little too retro,especially the text


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