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Post Counts... Really 400 Charecters? Really?


Is it really only 400 charecters until you get an new post count? Because I actually went to search for my posts, and most of them are over 500 charecters... yet that "5" posts thing is still there... Is it because I used line breaks? Because most of them I used line breaks! Also, do signatures count? Most likely I don't think so. Anyways, can someone please help answer this question, because all my hardworking posts are turning into dust. (Everyone knows that you won't actaully LOSE the post because if you go to the profile and click "view member's posts..." that's a different story!) *Checks post length* 630 charecters.Edit: No, my post count is still 5 posts... is there a specific forum you have to post in? Charecters now: 743!


This has also been happening to me as well. I had posted at least ten posts yesterday, and my post count only went up three. I am positive nine of those posts were well over 400 words, but I did happen to do alot of 'quoting' and so on. I did seem to figure out that when I made posts with quotes, my post count stayed the same, but when I made posts with no quotes, it went up. I think it might count line breaks because I made a post with a list and it went on for probably five lines, and I did not get any additions to my post counts. O_o It might also be wise in the future to not use conjunctions, as I believe they would amount to just one word. >_> As of this, I have used over 701 characters.


This post right here will tell you if you really need over 400 to get a post count . I think the error that was back yesterday is back becase I know I posted over 400 to get hosted so yes I think the errors are back have a reached 400 yet lemme count nope not yet. I hope this post is not considered spam but anyways did anybody figure out the other error with the registering your sub-domain thing please tell me if they did.I problly did use over 400 in this post so let me end it.


I think posts in the support section don't count


Only posts over 300 characters (yes 300, its been lowered) will be counted...


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