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has anyone used this free hosting thing? Just curious to see how it works. Can somone let me know?


how does thios work with domain names? Just not sure what to do for this


Hello! Although I have no experience with an account, I will attempt to answer your question with my prior knowledge! Firstly, to get an account, you will have to post at least 15 good posts. This means that your posts are more than 3 lines long and is relevent to the subject and forum/thread. After, you go to the forum called "Account Requests" and sign up with the following information:

(Source: Retrieved from http://forums.xisto.com/topic/1679-important-hosting-request-guildlines-please-read-before-applying-for-hosting/)


* Sub-domain or domain name

(Example: http://forums.xisto.com, or http://moo.net/*)

* Name/Nickname

* Nationality/Country

* Theme of website

* Reason for choosing them

* Confirmation you understand the rules and agree to stay active and contribute

to the community.

* Package You want


You can only sign up for domain accounts after 25 good posts (package 2)


What is a domain account you ask?


A domain account is when you own a domain (for example, .com .net .org or a uni.cc domain from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/) and you set the DNS (domain nameservers) to Xisto's dedicated IPs. If you want a subdomain (recommended by the staff) you can do so too. If you have more questions, wait for a more detailed response from the staff or just respond to this forum! I'll be glad to help you again!


I have signed up for the free hosting here recently and my experience has been very positive so far. the service has all the features I want, and the cpanel interface makes it very easy to use. The details Dooga gave about the process of signing up are right. If you just want the basic package it is only 15 posts required though. You just can't use a domain with that package. I would recommend the hosting as well worth trying, and the forum is friendly enough to be worth staying on and posting in.


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