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A Key Board Made Of Light!


I like the idea of the pen projecting the computer screen, I have heard of this sort of technology before. And having this keyboard to go with... all they needa do is put the screen and keyboard in 1 lol. Then the next step is to have the WHOLE computer in a pen... howd u get a cd in


They've had this for quite a while. I don't think i'd like it too much.. I need some kind of reaction when i press a key... Right now if I accidently press a key next to the key I meant to press I can tell... I'm not sure about this. But i suppose that computers need to be getting smaller and they can't do that with bulky things like keyboards and screens anymore, so perhaps this is the future? Wait I've got an idea. How about we put a mini projector and a computer in a keyboard and you just put the keyboard on your lap and aim it at a wall. Now that would be an awesome computer. Just the keyboard! Aha! I think I'm going to make a topic about this under My Theories!

They've already got a keyboard that can do that. Its a regular keyboard with a mini lcd screen on each key. Here's a pic:


They've got function buttons which you can have application icons to launch them:


Looks pretty snazzy

Another pic with the keys configured for a game:

I prefer this keyboard to be honest. It's customizable and you don't have to learn a new method of typing.


But back to the topic, i've seen this keyboard before on television. It looks amazing. Great for those who want to work away from home. All you need next is those flexiable screens, then your complete. You can work anywhere with little space. Only draw back, is that it's very small.


This is a pretty old technology which is great and very easy if you travel a lot but like every "high evolved" technothing it's broken very fast.I'll stick to the old fashion keyboard till this on the normal market for a normal price so I can be sure it workes ok :)Greetzz


Niiice greeeeeat whooooooooo the new technology



This web-site has both the keyboard with the illuminated custom keys and the virtual laser one. Many others are listed on the page as well. Very nice web-site and good affiliate program

There are videos on the product pages too, very neat!


Ive just been reading about the "projector keyboard" its so sweet! it sines a light on ur desk, and u just touch the light and the keys work!!!


more info:


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Woah!, does this work by infared? Where your hand blocks the light and it picks that up?

My friend has something similar, it is cool!


I'm going to have to get me one of those, but i can't help but think you'll have sore fingers after tapping away for a while, I think it would get on my nerves after a while, if you have a laptop then there's absolutely no point in it, unless you want to look like an idiot.If I still had my desktop then sure, this would be great for me! no more cleaning out my keys for dust etc, great for public places like school's or library's where the keyboards have had 100 people touching them, probably crawling with millions of germs. Sick!Like I said, i'd love to have one but its just not practical.


Keyboard looks nice but i will stick with my old keyboard. Typing on my desk will feel weird and i don't think i will be able to position my fingers on the home room that good.

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