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Lock Ness Monster Fake or Real?


It's fake. We actually had a unit on this at school. For a month we examined pictures, videos, documentarys etc about lock ness. After seeing all that it's fairly easy to say that lock ness is a fake.


I'd like to think its real real. All the so called 'evidence' is probably fake as if it was a real creature and behaved like other large marine mammals it would not surface for very long, so the photos are probably not real, although some sightings could be. They could also be sightings of fish. The deep sea has not be investigated very much at all, so if caves are leading from the loch and into the open sea it is possible it wouldn't be sighted very often anyway. It is so hard to explore underwater that outer space has been explored more than the sea! There are new species of animals being discovered every day, with some large land mammals also being discovered, so i would not want to rule out the possibility. There could be a whole family of them and people have seen different ones accounting for the differences in description. Even if it isn't real, its pretty cool to think of a 'monster' in the loch and it brings in tourism and makes people hopeful to see it, making it a fun time there!


Ok, time to post again with some of my new "theories"What IF... The Loch was a "nest" or "home" of Nessie, and that maybe that will explain why only 1 Loch Ness Monster is reported... But what if there are other Loch Ness Monsters around the world, and that The Loch is just "Nessie's home"? That would explain the times where sonar and radar have shown nothing, maybe Nessie was "out" in the Atlantic breeding with other Loch Ness monsters? I mean, its a truly plausible theory... What if Loch Ness was still connected to the ocean through a myriad of caves and tunnels?


I don't believe in anything of this. im more of the scientific stuff, im atheist, dont believe in things that can't be proven by science. It's rather add that there would be a huge monster in the lake and nobody has actually seen him... besides those faked pictures.. gotta love photoshop


This is a story my teens love to talk about. I try to tell my girls the science that went into this. My girls are just hard headed. The truth will set you free if you let it. Or kill a hot post. I hope I am not raining on the imagination picnic but the area was scanned with very modern and powerful sonar for an extended period. Using a blanket method that included every inch and cave without a means to allow a slip past, experts put this puppy to rest. In the expert opinions of the world authorities who both conducted the scans and those that observed the methods used, Nessy is not real. They left very little hope if any.For those that say it may have died. trust me, a body would have been found floating bloated on the surface as gases built up from decomposition. A sad truth but truth none the less. Imagine what the mafia could do with a beast like that. "a Tony throw em in the lake" better than pigs in an HBO series. I am sorry to be a party poop but I have to keep it real. Speaking of real. There are some real god unexplained issues in the UFO area. If you can sift the millions of stories your bound to find a few, not many but a few, that are out of this world. Yes I did just do that. lol. I wish they had not scanned that wonderful fantasy out of my world. But they did. Wait until I tell Elvis. He is going to so binge.


Scientists say Lochness Monster is a figment of people's imagination. Historians or archaelogists may not agree.Just like the most recent discovery that dragons actually exist way before dinosaurs. What may be found as fake now may change with some new discovery.I'd be interested to know how they (Lochness Monster) died out, if they ever existed at all.


I believe in the Lock Ness monster. Not so much in the monster part... I think that if there is an animal in that lake it is an ancient one, a prehistoric one maybe. It could have been stranded somehow. I can't imagine how it could have survived that long, but that would be the only explanation that comes to my mind. There is another example of an animal ... the coelacanth which existence was improbable. Maybe Nessie is just like the coelacanth!


Magical Dreams,What ever it is living or not living there in the lock, Just know that humans need things like this to make our lives seem more magical than what it is already. I know that people do see things in life that are hard to explain. Just remember, don't worry about convinceing others of your sighting, just know that no one can take that from you. I hope this keeps living on in hearts of all people that wnt to believe. Remember that you don't need seeing or touching proof to believe in things. I know that God is real and to all of the people out there that need proof. I feel sorry for you who doesn't know how and what faith really is. I will rejoice in my lords presence while you are baffled at the things you cannt feel and touch. So yes I think Nessie is real cause it lives in the hearts of men.Thanx,Spartanburg .SC you.S.A -reply by Scott M.


what do u thinkLock Ness Monster

Replying to cheapwebdesignI need to know what some people think nessie may be if anything, because I am doing a report in school and I need one more opinion it would be awesome for you to rite back!

-reply by fredlover96


I don't think there is a loch ness monster or that there everwas.In Scotland they'll insist he exists though because ofthe revenues that they get from tourism. I mean,I'll bet that the last sighting of the monster was prettyrecent.I think it will always be that way in Scotland.


I would love to see the Loch Ness Monster some day in Soctland I think the Loch Ness Monster is as real as people are!!Lock Ness Monster

I hope people some day will beleive that the Loch Ness Monster is real as people are and plus when I go to the liberrey and have a chance I go an get a book about the Loch Ness Monster and get as much information as I can. Also some day I really really want to go to Scotland and see the Loch Ness Monster and than proove that the monster thats in Loch Ness is so real people can`t even swollow and can not say enything about the Lake of Loch Ness ever again. I will beleive intill all the people will start to and still I will keep going and going so there won`t be any fauls there will be true and remember I will always beleive. So people should to.M


-reply by Travis Johnson


I don't feel that I know enough about the history of the lochness to give an adequate opinion, but there's no harm in believing in the lochness monster.. Giant squids are very real, its been said that the diameter of a Giant squid's eyes measures to be about a foot long... imagine staring into those eyes! I would be entranced, but also scared off my feet. It's not completely off the mark.


I believe it's real. Probably just another weird part of evolution


I want to believe that they do exist, but I just cant There is no actual proof that they do really exist.


loch ness monsterLock Ness Monster

my collegues and I have been comingup with many adequete theories of this "Loch Ness Monster" one newly developed theory is this whole deal about it being a huge dinosaur is wrong... We believe that these photos and sightings are of what you call "Nessie" but for instance we think that this might just be a reptile or amphibian that is maybe about a little bigger than an iguana that had mutated with its long neck and head... However this theory states its just a mutated reptile that appears to be large yet it is relativley small (30-40 LBS)

-reply by college student



but how would the dinosaur reproduce? if it did have vrigin births then their'll be many lochness monsters.

My idea of the existence of Nessie, and other great legends, is the same as my idea of dragons... which is: something like it must exist, or have existed at one point, to inspire the tale... no matter how exaggerated it may have become.

I chose to dig up this topic, however, for another reason, as quoted above. As was mentioned by the great Doctor Malcom (Jeff Goldblum), in Jurassic Park, there are species out there who are capable of changing their gender based upon circumstance (frogs come to mind, most immediately). Additionally, if I remember right (please correct me if I am wrong), snails and worms are hermaphrodites and/or able to produce their own offspring. Do not doubt the power of nature to reproduce, even against the most "absolute" of odds.


when i saw the lock ness mosterLock Ness MonsterI do think that the lock ness moster is real and if you do,nt you are **** I saw the moster in danbary . Ct I ...Live in laurel gardens ok by-reply by jack


I think the lochness monster USED to be real but because no one has seen it just driving buy or when swimming if so have they lived?


there are so many creatures yet to be discovered scienists say that nessie comes to the lake from tunnels that lead to the ocean so maybe it's a whole species that migrates to the lake. Unfortunately I haven't seen any real pictures or videos that prove nessie but I'm still hopeful/txtmngr/images/smileys/smiley2.Gif

-reply by joe mamma


Is the loch ness real?Lock Ness MonsterIn my own opinion the loch ness monster nessie was once real. The loch is a huge lake she could of hid anywhere. Many people say that that a thing as big a nessie should have been found already. Well I believe that she hid in a cave for a long period in time that is so deep in the loch that people have not been able to reach it. No one know for sure what type of creatures are out there. Nothing is impossible!-reply by unknown

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