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Banner Contribution Heres mine..

Mr. Cheeky

Heres my banner contribution.. i havent got hosting yet but you have a really great deal so here ya go



comments please


It's very nice, there are many other banners VERY similar to yours, I guess it is quite a popular design.I guess you should tell the admin that you have made a banner.. ?


Very nice. A tad small which took a lot of the detail that you put into it out. Blue does seem to be a popular color for Xisto banners.


that's a very nice banner.i guess blue is popular since most tech themes for hosting sites are usually blue/icy i dont really think red would go very well

Mr. Cheeky

i have to tell the admin that i made a banner? .. what do they actually use these for lol i just made it because i was bored and i felt like using photoshop.. yeah the size might look small but it is 468 x 60 and this is the correct banner size.. i only picked blue because of the template on these forums.. blue is a really good colour for this site, i also just put a random quote there lol


you don't have to tell the admin about this topic, he just said that he would like everyone who made contributions to pm him about them when they're made...


admins will also look here ;)and btw... i like it

Mr. Cheeky

haha thanks man.. when can i get my hosting?


Yeah.. that was cool.. i also like it.. but, just what becca said, many design use such blue/icy colors right now... we should think more creatively


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