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Stale Dated Topics Checking the age of the Topic or the last-posted-date


Any chance that this Forum Software could have a Modification added to it so that when a Member attempts to add a Posting to a stale-dated (to be determined) Topic, or a Topic which hasn't had a reply in a certain time period (also to be determined) that a small 'pop-up' or warning message should be displayed? I am not suggesting that we stop the posting from occurring, just suggesting that sometimes a reminder might be a good thing. The pop-up/warning could explain that they consider the dates and perhaps the issue or topic is no longer current, and do you really want to resurrect this old Topic?

Might make it easier to stop old Topics from re-appearring when the posting is not neccesary or 'spammish' in nature?

Example: http://forums.xisto.com/topic/8257-i-love-ipod-ipod/


I am uncertain OpaQue's plan for old topics. Basically I have been closing them whenever I come across where a new member has revived it.Let's discuss with OpaQue and see what his plan for out-dated topics. I'll also check Invisionize to see if there's a mod that will do something similar in IP.B forum script. This "mod" would be, perhaps, useful with AEF as well :XD:


Standard Feature with AEF:XD:


I do agree that "old" topics tend to be posted to by newcomers, so it is a good idea for a mod like this. I mean people hate "bumpers"I think it's a given that you need extensive forum use knowledge before using Xisto, because after all, it's a huge forum with many many rules. :XD:I think that a way that can protect the forum from "noobs" (aka ppl who post lik this u no?) is to force people to type up a 100 word+ "Why you want to join Xisto" while registering. This is not to say that we'll moderate each new registration and approve them, but it would be useful to have this "Why you want to join Xisto" essay "embedded" into the user's account, so when we see someone who's really a "noob", then we can view what they wrote in that section. It can be hence, labeled very clearly that failing to type a "Why you want to join Xisto" may get you banned. Think of it like an excuse to ban a person from posting when they are not posting to a "standard" in the forum, without sounding unreasonable or with prejudice. It would also be wise to label this section "Your registration will be instant, but will be soon reviewed by a human. Please do not enter fake information or filler text in any of the registration fields, or you may be banned from the website." Making such a claim will block out people who use dodgeit.com and people who register "for the heck of it". Of course, we won't review every single registration, we might randomly read someone's when we come across a new registration. And for those who don't deserve a registration, time will tell us who they are.


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