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Complaint About A Tutorial


I spotted a reply today to a tutorial posted this time last year claiming that the tutorial had been copied.

Post on Xisto: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
Original: http://vd.wtricks.com/

I have moved the tutorial to SPAM Topics To Be Adjusted as I could think of no other course of action really. I didn't want to delete it and lose the request for its removal, in case the 'owner' of the tutorial needs to be contacted. What exactly is the course of action in this circumstance?

I have sent dojo a PM explaining that the tutorial has been removed from public view.


Dojo speaks truth: http://www.hotscripts.com/category/scripts/php/tutorials-tips/database-related/

The posted date is July 10, 2006, updated on Aug 22, 2006, which is the exact date of the tutorial that was posted here on Xisto. Therefore the topic should remain under STTBA.

Also, looking at alexviii's notes, it appears he posted during a time where he was plagiarizing, for i gave him a warning about another topic.


I thought I was seeing doubles... two similar avatars :XD:The correct course of action was performed--when in doubt move to STTBA (Spam Topics To Be Adjusted) and float REPORT for moderators to see.We don't delete a topic or a post unless it's a pure spam. And even with a pure spam I'd like to keep them in STTBA for IP records.For splitting tips and tricks on a reply in a good topic please refer to Staff Tutorial under From Admin.Thank you and you are doing well, rvalkass.


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