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A Question About a PM I received


Has anyone received this PM?




pls help me,

My posting permission is denied. Pls help i dont know what to do?




I just realized it today, but it was made on the 16th of August.


The user has 20% warning: http://forums.xisto.com/index.php?act9&CODE=view


I sent this response:



Hello Nirmalrko,



Problem: Posting permission denied


Reason: Xisto Offense as follows

Warned on Jul 14 2007: Copying and pasting from another source

Warned on Jul 11 2007: Plagiarizing the post 'Manual steps to recover a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting'

Recommendation: Please read the Xisto Readme for more details.


Account Status: You are not hosted. Currently your account is disabled from posting for the following duration: Indefinite


Explanation for account status: Because posting materials from other websites is illegal and also against the Xisto Rules, your posting permission is indefinitely disabled.




Solution: I will discuss this with the staff.


Thanks for your patience.


Best Regards,



I have not rec'd this pm.


No,I have not gotten the Pm you mentioned. Maybe you should ask OpaQue. I do not think we can contact Buffalo as he is not in town :XD:


Nope, I've never received a copy of that PM.


I think the user sent the PM to the only available moderator that they saw online when they were online; which would be you, Dooga. I haven't received any PMs from this user.


neither did i. but from the status of his/her account, that is effectively a BAN on that member's account already. nothing much that member can do but to register a new username, and from then onwards follow the Xisto forum rules & TOS, especially the one for which s/he has been warned in the first place... if s/he ever wants to get hosted with us.


Can I just say... Dooga's reply is like one of the best "admin" like responses I've ever read! :XD:


lol this PM sounds more like an automated message where a computer reads the message and picks up main points, then generates some answer from a bulk "responses" array :XD: that does sound like a cool idea though, even though the AI is pretty difficult to implement (for me at least)Although I guess I will just tell him to re-read the Xisto Readme and register a new account only if he is willing to contribute without copying from other sites :SBut yes I was really bored so I decided to make some "standard" way that I will be responding to problems with... it's a very clear and easy way, don't you think


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