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Capitals In Topic Titles


I moved a topic to STTBA earlier and added [sPAM] to the end of the title. However, that?got?changed to [spam]. I remember putting things like AMD and PHP in topic titles would get automatically adjusted into lower case. Is there a way to get the [sPAM] bit in capitals, as every other topic in STTBA?has?that?in?capitals?Not exactly an urgent problem, but something I just spotted.


Since the new forum upgrade, moderators and administrators cannot over ride the forum's ajax topic title mode--this is only the first letter in each word is cap sized.Since [ proceeds the word SPAM the S is lowered.Try using the multi-topic moderation option found under lower left pull down menu at the end of each topic. I placed SPAM option which will move any topic with suffix of [spam] and move to STTBA with a single click.


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