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Another Moderator Has Joined Our Team rvalkass


rvalkass has accepted the invitation to join the Xisto Moderating Team! Hooray!I am pleased to have rvalkass as one of our moderators. Please feel free to contact and advise rvalkass as he takes some time to read the current and the past posts made in our Staff section. You are one of the BLUES now, rvalkass :Prvalkass also worked on the flash tutorial for Xisto Readme.Without further a due, here is rvalkass!


Suppose it makes sense if I'm first to reply Its great to be a part of the moderating team, but I'm sure I'll need some help and guidance from the more experienced mods here as I go along. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the team


Welcome to the team rvalkass. You and I can learn together as there is a lot to learn. I guess I wasn't the best newest mod for very long as jlhaslip said. We'll have to have jlhaslip go get you your ban stick out of the warehouse.


Hey welcome to the team! I love the flash tutorials by the way. I promised to make some a long time ago, but I only got to making 1 tutorial, which is long out of date. Oops


Holy Moley... this place is getting full... just kidding...Welcome to the Smurf Squad. And I'll get a Ban Stick for you and sent it along ... Good luck in your new venture, and don't be bashful about asking any questions...


What's with this ban stick and where can I get one??


And does it look something like this?



Nah! That looks like a Light Sabre...


Here is a Ban Stick complete with Operator.


good to have you onboard, rvalkass. welcome.


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