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Newest Addition To Our Moderating Staff Plenoptic


Please welcome Plenoptic to our Xisto moderating staff!! :PI am pleased as a bunch that Plenoptic decided to help out with his already tight packed schedule. Although Plenoptic may be familiar with our moderating "ways" please don't feel hesitant to ask any questions. Our moderating staff would be more than happy to answer all there is to it.Without further a due, here is Plenoptic! .. hee hee... the next post should be from Plenoptic... otherwise my last comment doesn't fit


HA ha ha ha Sorry Buffy, this isn't Plenoptic :PAnyway Finally we have a member who truly deserves to be a moderator I was shocked when I was a newbie and never saw Plenoptic as a mod. Always liked him and his posts :PI will stop rambling now and "Welcome Plenoptic"


Thanks guys, I am glad to have the opportunity. There is always room in my schedule for Trap. Can't wait to test out the almighty "ban stick" just kidding. I'll be sure to ask before doing something if I'm not sure about what I'm doing. That way I'll hopefully only cause minimum trouble when starting out. Thanks again everyone.


Yippy! Finally he becomes a mod. I've always thought he was one though... :SNow we won't get the annoying reports sent by him ... lol just kidding


Heys, congrats dude. Well deserved place.


Actually, we technically don't have a ban stick... ..Welcome anywho.


Welcome Pleno.I am certain that you will be the best new Mod until another one gets appointed. Lots of info in the Staff section to keep you busy for a while. Any question, post them up or PM us. Don't be bashful... (like that'll ever happen)...Welcome Aboard the Smurf Team.


Should we get a ban stick?? Can someone come up with an icon? ha ha ha


I don't know how big you want it to be but I can work on one Saturday or whatever. I'm not really all that good in graphics but I'll give it a try.


hey plenoptic, welcome to the fold.


Banstick v1.0



hm...Apparently there was a security hole in BanStick V1.0, as soon as we found out we waited about 2years and guess what, BANSTICKS V2.0! More procrastination built in with every version, gets yours today and start banning people for no reason whatsoever! (Pointy objects not included)



Terms and conditions apply. See rules for details. Must be present to win, chances in winning 40.340234%, warranty void if touched, no refund after second of purchase.


Am I the only person who's thought of the more "twisted" ban sticks?And why sticks?


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