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Ip Address Lookup


For some reason this isn't working for me. I'm trying to check a members IP address for duplicate accounts, and when I enter his IP in the look up tool, and click "Find Members", it comes up with nothing. It's been like this for me, am I doing something wrong or what?Since I can't do it, I'd like to check this IP:'s registered to Evil_Man, and possible Evil_Guy. Trying to verify it.Thanks...


Do a review of each member's posts and you can see if the IP numbers are the same or similar. Remember that some ISP's rotate IP numbers dynamically, so their IP numbers will change each connection to the Trap. The IP number they were connected to when they register might never be used again by themselves or anyone else. The posting IP's will also change, but if they connect often enough, there might be a pattern popping up.


You may use wildcard as well. For example, 75.51.220.* or 75.51.*.* (although this isn't really accurate).Try using wildcard and fine POSTS by this member rather than search for member. This can give you better idea of IP range.


It doesn't worth either way Buffalo. I can't do IP look-ups at all. Whether it be by post or member.


What Browser are you using ?And have you tried using a different one for an IP check?


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