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Screening Account Upgrades


Do we use the Multi-mod features to 'screen' account Upgrades?If so, what do we look for in the application and posting records to grade the member for?Also, can the Topic Title for Account upgrades be changed to indicate that the topic is an Upgrade rather than an application?


(Ci22) Staff Application, which was redesigned to fit Hosting Application, is in the working progress of making the topic title to reflect each requesting application situation. Hopefully by the end of this summer the boys at Ci22 would have found the way to make this happen. The full discussion can be found at Invisionize.com.


When a member requests for an upgrade, I personally make post "quality" the highest priority of all. Just go through the list of:

has the member continute to contribute with high quality posts since the time of the package 1 hosting application?

post contribution includes wide selection of post discussion and various forums (rather than sticking to just one forum, i.e. The Vent--we had few members did nothing but post in The Vent to just earn credits)

has the member demonstrated that the purpose of posting benefits Xisto? (open interpretation)

Post other questions and yes, you can screen upgrade requests.


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