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Please Delete Spam Topics


Hello all,I just wanted to say that please delete all those one line spam topics rather than closing them and letting them rot in the Spam section. I have seen some topics that are really informative but have been copied. Maybe we can excuse those topics by leaving or editing them and closing them. Maybe from 2 paragraphs to 4-5 lines so that people can get some information.This is a just a suggestion so that maybe we can get rid of the trash that we do not need. Please give me a feedback on what you think. I have been deleting spam topics that are one liners so that no one reports it again accidentally or something.Thanks for listening.Velma


I think the one-liners are sent to the Spam Forum for a reason instead of being simply deleted. Might want to check with Opaque or BH on the actual rationale for the Spam Bucket, but it also allows us Moderators the opportunity to look and see who generates the Spam. If they are simply deleted, we have no method of reviewing a member's past posting experience.Also, I wonder if there is a Google search consideration? If the topic/posting gets deleted, we lose the connection to the topic from the googlebots???


Hi thanks for the response haslip,I had talked to Opaque about this and then put up my topic and he said that the topics are sent to the Spam section only for the credits to be adjusted. And I dont think that Googlebots can see the spam section.Thanks


STTBA cannot be seen by anyone, including web crowlers, except for moderators and administrators.STTBA was created for safe deleting without credit adjustments. That is, if a spam post was made and a hosting member replied, this section will delete that post without reversing hosting member's credit. What all members should do is to report the spam post--but time and time we have members who want to "be somebody" and reply "hey, this is a spam post you know." And moderators are faced with choice of deleting the spam topic and punish the hosted member who replied, verses moving the topid to STTBA and let an admin handle the issue.OpaQue notified me that he will be writing a script that will safely purge STTBA section without affecting each hosting credit amounts...but that is up to him.


Hey,Thanks a lot for the response and I hope Opaque turns up with the script for there are 40 pages of useless/useful posts. It is a paradox as we need these spam topics and dont need them as well


Perhaps we should just delete the spam topic because you're not supposed to reply to a spam topic anyways. (of course, some exceptions can be made, for example, the original post might later on be categorized for spam because of plagiarism or because the member edited their post etc.


Hey,Thanks a lot for the support. I was thinking the same about the spam topics as no on can read them nor can they be replied to except the mods and admins so I thought why not delete all of 40 pages of SPAM for good.I felt that it would be better as it helps no one and does nothing but rot in the spam section. Someone help


Oh the problem is that if hosted members (and they certainly did as I pointed out) replied to any of spam topics, their hosting credits will be deleted along with spammers credits. Are we suggesting just screw them and delete spams in all?And so, OpaQue asked me not to touch STTBA section until he can delete them safely--meaning delete topics without reducing hosting members credits at the same time.


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