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My Contribution


It's not really a banner or anything.. I was bored so I played around with some filters. I'm quite new to Photoshop, so I'd appreciate any suggestions you've got.



OMGIts Really Nice Logo For Tarap17.ComThanks


Thanks. OpaQue likes it, I think. He stole it for his avatar!


wow, thats pretty good. You say you're new to PS? Well im not sure I could do that. Im more into sigs though. Good work!


To get the blue text effect:1) I used white text because of the white ball in the middle, but it doesn't really matter. I think bright colors would work better, though. Write text in a bright color.2) Duplicate it and select the ORIGINAL.3) Filter>Stylize>Wind. Do this once from left, once from right.4) Repeat step 3.5) Edit>Transform>90CW6) Filter>Stylize>Wind. Do this once from left, once from right.7) Repeat step 6.8) Still with the original layer selected, find a good style. Cycle through. Some of them spread out (you don't get the mountain range effect), so look for a good one that sticks to boundries. I think I used blue glass.9) Select the duplicated layer and choose the same style (or a darker one for a better effect). Then you're done!You can also plastic wrap the duplicated text for a pretty look. Don't do it too hard though, or it may look a little strange.I'll write how to do that fireball effect. I'll have to do it again myself, though. I forgot, lol.


I guess that's pretty good but the blue in the text seems kind of out of place. It should be a color that fits well with the background. Also, I really like the text effects but it seems the text looks kinda default maybe spice it up by using a different font? Did you make the background yourself because it looks really nice so kudos to you on that! Also you could make the wind effect some sort of color corresponding to the background like a firey red or something which also goes along with changing the text color.Overall great job if you're new to PS.


yeah im in agreement the blue font is out of place plus everything else looks pixeled, maybe to to the size of the picture. i would have filled in the white with.i give 6/10 cuz of what i stated not bad though with use of filters.


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