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New Addition To Trap17 Staff :-) Velma appointed as Moderator


Hello,Velma has been appointed as a moderator at Xisto. She is a support tech for Xisto - Support.com and has good knowledge of the web hosting operations in Xisto. I believe her position at Xisto will help us solve member queries faster.I request other staff members to guide and assist her with staff operations.I am sorry for taking this decision without any discussion with other staff members. Being a tech at Xisto - Support, I hope things will be processed faster. This is just another step to improve response times :-)Sincerely,Shree


welcome velma. someone in the loop with xisto on an official capacity is pretty much in demand in the support forums to provide quick official response. "old" moderators are just a PM away if we can be of any assistance with regards to questions about forum-related work (not that you'll need much though, as you may know more about Xisto stuff than us. ).


Welcome Velma, if you have any questions, ask away! I'm sure you'll get by with no problem.


Welcome to the loonie bin. enjoy...


Welcome indeed! The pink and the blue. Who knew... i thought she was an average member.


Hey welcome!


Hello,Thank you so much for encouraging me so positively, I guess I have officially become one of the insane members of Xisto....Proud to be one though. I hope I do a good job as a moderator.Cheers


Ah, finally--welcome to Xisto staff a.k.a. the Boy's club. We finally have some refreshing "side" other than the typical bachelors' meeting :(Does this mean I have to wear proper attire from now on to staff meetings? Like a shirt or a pants


Tie and Jacket??? Vest if you have one...



Does this mean I have to wear proper attire from now on to staff meetings? Like a shirt or a pants

Now you have put weird pictures in my mind. You dont have to worry about me being a girly girl, Don't worry I will not rule over you guys LOL.
Anyway Thanks for accepting me so graciously.

Yratorm, LightMage

Hey velma, welcome to the club - here is your honorary 'staff of authority' and a few ingots of gold (yup, we all pitched in for those).Kidding, kidding. A warm welcome, and take care.


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