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To Buffalo: Urgent


Please ban the IP: - dtuhy

Member using multiple accounts. Banned today.

SlamBallx55 (6:46:14 PM): your kidding me right somemage (6:46:24 PM): Nope
somemage (6:46:30 PM): Why would I lie?
somemage (6:46:35 PM): You already hate me
somemage (6:46:38 PM): So it doesn't matter.
SlamBallx55 (6:46:36 PM): wow you can go *BLEEP* yourself you *BLEEP*ing *BLEEP*
somemage (6:46:54 PM): mmm. Lets not...
SlamBallx55 (6:46:57 PM): you dousche
SlamBallx55 (6:47:06 PM): i dont give a *BLEEP* now i cant even go on
SlamBallx55 (6:47:11 PM): your a little *BLEEP*
somemage (6:47:33 PM): I don't really care what you say.
SlamBallx55 (6:47:41 PM): unbann me
somemage (6:47:51 PM): Nope.
SlamBallx55 (6:47:48 PM): oh well
SlamBallx55 (6:47:51 PM): i have two accounts
somemage (6:48:01 PM): Oh well
somemage (6:48:03 PM): I have your IP.
SlamBallx55 (6:48:07 PM): that ones on a different ip
SlamBallx55 (6:49:45 PM): dumb *BLEEP*er

I think it's obvious; no respect for rules or authority. I warned once for spam. Asked very nicely to improve. He just told me to lower his level. Banned from the shoutbox, ordered me to unban him. Warned once again for lower quality posts, didn't improve. Warned a third time by buffalo for more spam. Banned permanently. He's using another account, apparently on a different IP. I'll be on the lookout.


Ack! Sorry, didn't see this topic on time.IP was added to ban registration today. However, this member used quite a lot of different IP addresses in the past and I'm not sure how long this will hold.Let's hope that his member isn't smart enough to register with different site connection, or worse yet using a proxy :lol:Good job.


He's back.Under the account name "salmballx55"What an idiot. He's making account names that match his AIM name.IP:


And again...

Registered under the name "kubi.", ya, now I'm getting pissed.

While he's making new account, he's also flaming me over AIM.

SlamBallx55 (10:31:14 PM): your a *BLEEP*ing *BLEEP* dudeSlamBallx55 (10:31:18 PM): i didnt do *BLEEP* on that one
SlamBallx55 (10:31:25 PM): and now you *BLEEP*ing blocked it
SlamBallx55 (10:31:31 PM): how *BLEEP*ing gay are you
SlamBallx55 (10:31:56 PM): i just wanted to post *BLEEP* asking people questions
SlamBallx55 (10:32:03 PM): and now you *BLEEP*ing ban me
SlamBallx55 (10:32:05 PM): for doing nothing

Oh, he's telling me when he's making new usernames. That's probably the only reason I haven't banned him. Cause he's a complete r-tard.


Avoid unnecessary confrontation made outside of Xisto. Further bantering with this reject would only increase curiosity in our forum and you. The less this member knows about how all things are related, the better chance we have defending this forum. You can always choose to block or not answer back via IM.IP added to ban filter.Thank you.


I don't fight back. Blocking him would just furthermore allow him to register accounts. I did mention he tells me when he creates new accounts correct?Most times I don't even speak, I just let him rant on. It doesn't bother me so much that I feel I need to block him. How else would I know when to ban his newly created account? .


I would just respond humbly and politely to tell him to stop. I guess that's just my personality.


Well, it's not like I haven't tryed that either. He's quite stuborrn actually. He hasn't pulled at of his crap lately though.


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