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I Don't Like The Graphic Request Forum.


I really don't. I get the impression that it's just full of moochers, who pop in and say "Hi, make me a sig, kthx", which is a little rude and a lot demeaning. I don't know about the other designers on Xisto, but I consider myself somewhat of a professional at this point, and I'd appreciate if people had a bit more respect for my/our talents and skills.

I'm not really sure where I wanted to go with this...I don't really have a real solution for it, but I think a change needs to be made. I think instead of just popping out sigs for these people, we should be encouraging them to make their own, at least. It really is rewarding when you start getting good at it.

Also, an interesting website that coincides with some of what I'm saying is

Check it out, read the article called Ten Reasons.

Anyway, anyone else have input?

[Also, can we get credits back in the gfx section? It's kind of a bummer that my personal favorite forum has no hosting benefits at all. =/]


Was this another April Fools that I missed??Certain GFX sections should be credit enabled. And as I was stressing over and over from the beginning, "be sure to watermark SIGs or Banners with Xisto or your name related." But no one seemed at the time it would be necessary.I see the future...and it's the sauce. *blink* *wake* where am I?


Er. No, it wasn't an April Fools. o_O


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