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I Know I'm Not Too Active Any Longer..


I'm sure you've all noticed I'm barely active at all, coming online four times a week for five minutes, and never really accomplishing anything except commenting on staff topics. I feel sort of bad for still having moderator status. I've been a moderator for almost two years, and I think my time is running short on that status. I'd like to resign, and if possible, still retain a sort of contributor status? You know, so I can stop in the staff forum every once in a while and keep the moral of our moderators up or w/e . I'm fine if it's an all or nothing deal as well. Thanks for the wonderful two + years of being a member here, I'm going to still be popping in every once in a while..


Hey, you're still on though . Better then nothing. Well, if you want to resign that's up to you. I've known you for a while now, and I know you won't be stopped! Dun dun dunnn! Yes, if you do resign, you must stop back...Sorry you have to leave the mod position man, it's been great having you aboard.


What he said...


Enthusiasm for moderating is always on and off. I know it's happened [and is happening] to me and probably to most of the other staff members. I think you should stick around a while longer and see if it comes back.I've got an all new interest in staffing again, since I'm at work behind a computer 8 hours a day now. Of course, if I'm on T17 I tend to post more than moderate, but hey...I do stuff every now and then. Just edited some weird guy's advertising post like 2 minutes ago. <3

Yratorm, LightMage

I think Johnny's right, you should wait for a while before resigning. For example, I have a lousy internet connection, sometimes the d**n thing cuts out for a week (Yratorm lives in an uncivilized region of mars, hence the communication difficulties - well, I'm in asia, actually) - so I do whatever I can when I CAN come online. Like, since I usually miss the 'complaints about posts', I spend my time arranging threads instead. There's always a way to contribute.I'd say take it easy for a while - if and when you come online, make a post or two, don't feel you 'have' to take on your duties - we all understand how you feel. If after some time you still feel the same way, then by all means resign. Just don't be hasty, you're a landmark here, hehe. Just kidding. Take care, man.Oh, and if you haven't got the time for anything else, you can always give Yratorm pointers at moderating, ROFL, since I'm still fairly new at it. See, there's always something you can do, Once again, take care.


Request denied! Post 10 high quality posts and re-apply... oh wait wait wait.. this isn't that kind of request LOLI cannot allow regular member status to view this Staff section. The reason is that I do not want to grant secondary permission mask to a regular member with moderator permission mask due to fear of hosting script fiasco. So it's either Moderator or Member (Hosted member). But if you are resigning because of your infrequent login time, I rather have few hours of good moderating per time period verses none at all So contribute whenever you can but do not feel that it's a give an take situation with Xisto. Everyone who replied to your request feel the same as I do--think it over.Besides it's a good ying and yang thing going on so far--some moderators are very active and some moderators are once in a while. It's all balanced


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