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Where Is Bh? [resolved]


Anyone seen or heard from buffalohelp in the last week?Is he okay?


no idea... last seen 17 Mar 2007... hope he's fine though.


Last I heard from his, he was at a basketball game with his business. Be may be on a business trip, or just taking a break. That's my guess. Hope he's alright.

electriic ink

I'm sure he's fine. Not like him to leave for so long without saying though. Someone needs to tell OpaQue about the unapproved free hosting apps*, which I'll do when I get back if no-one does so before me.*edit: Done.


I am so sorry that I left for a while without any notice.Friday's (March 16) game after party spilled over to the next day (St. Joseph's day) and the next day (St. Patrick's day). I needed few days to recover from 3 days of non-stop events. I can't recuperate as fast as I once realized.I may be in loss for contact at the end of March or beginning of April for transfer (I may be transferring to New York City). And sometime in early June I will be away for a week. If I am to be transferred to NYC I will let you know how long I won't be able to manage Xisto.The whole mod vs members PM thing I saw could not have come in the worse time... I thought we were mature than this. Any way, one thing I need from all mods is play caution when CC'ing to moderators or members. From here on I or OpaQue will be dealing with a moderator and members in question.


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