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Why Don't We Have Fast Reply In All Forums?


I was just wondering about this because it seems we only have it in the forums where the posts don't really go towards our post count.

Se?or Maniac

Yeah why don't we have that on all the forums. It sure does save time for people like me running dial-up. And it is really not that hard to change. just click a check in a box. I wish that we could have this.


i think this is a very good ideabut on the other hand i do relize that this will increase th enumber of spam posts


Yhea, i'm also wondering about the fast reply. I'm agree with senor maniac, that fast reply should be available in all topic, but bosz opinion should be true also. People with slow connection speed (dial-up using telephone cable), will think twice if they have to click 'reply' rather than clicking 'fast reply' and have a fast poping-up text field.And also i think it should be different depend on the topic, or.. maybe depend on the admin...


The result:We must have fast reply!It is better to open fast reply because it is loaded with the topic than opening the reply and again loading these banners!


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