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Congrats to Opaque for continuing to provide the great services and abundant features through the Xisto companies.Welcome to the program. I assume that the Mod Squad and the Xisto Community Members will continue to provide the same level of support for this newest member group?Are the same features available through this new service? full-on Cpanel, Fantastico, php, mysql, etc ?


Full information http://forums.xisto.com/topic/45551-welcome-to-qupis-optimized-for-quality-new-single-text-ad-web-hosting/

Yes. Qupis offers the same Default package (150mb, 5GB BW) with cPanel (not xPanel like Xisto.net) and all other goodies.

TOS is strict: English page only and must be active--not just an idle or parked hosting site; not even used as image hosting.

Xisto is no longer supported or active. I have made Xisto dot NET forum archive and made the last post redirecting to Qupis forum. Feel free to signup and know the layouts. I will be making the demo page as a sample. But then again, Xisto Mod plans are much higher

PS. Do not leak this information! OpaQue is thinking about upgrading Xisto Alpha to 250mb and Xisto Beta to 500mb. But it's still under consideration. Keep this FYI (and this does not mean F* You Idiot lol)

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Looks like a fantastic new service but I'm confused now. Does this service offer 5GB or 10,000MB of bandwidth?


Proof it offers 5GB

Qupis. (UNDER Reliability section)



Proof it offers 10,000MB




Which is it?


Too tired from setting it all up... I'll get back to you when I get a hold of OpaQue. I can't read straight


Does that mean that Xisto no longer offers free hosting?What about all the posts? Wouldn't a lot of people stop posting?


OpaQue still hasn't replied to my email so we'll wait a bit longer. But usually he's never wrong so it's a typo on the page and I read the typo.Xisto will not go away. This is basically replacing Xisto.NET hosting service. Qupis will have the default account space like Xisto.com (150mb). And increase Xisto.com free web hosting to 250mb for standard and 500mb for default. But since this is still a debate please do not assume or mention anything.UPDATE:Default package will see an upgrade as soon as gamma server's load is low. And Qupis is only 5GB after discussing with OpaQue. Qupis should be lower than Xisto plan2 and the lower BW means less abuse...


Perhaps more hosting credits should be required for new members?This is just a random brainstorm idea, and was not thought throughly yet, so please give some suggestions.Although this new web hosting service will get rid of those who aren't as serious, or those who don't know how Xisto works. Yes I chose the diction "get rid of" because frankly, some members post just for the sake of gaining credits.


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