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Some Large Cleanup To Do


Now that the forum has been upgraded, we now have a HUGE front page. This front page NEEDS to be shrinked. Is there a way for example, to combine some forums? For instance, instead of a huge category for Google services, how about just one huge "Google" or even better, a "Search Engine Optimization" category with "Google" "Yahoo" and "Windows Live" as sub categories? There needs to be something done about the huge front page that takes... forever to load. And the descriptions of the forums should be cut down... sorry that's all I can think of at the moment.


Check your browser text size. The forum font size hasn't changed at all for me.


Sorry, I think I was a bit confusing. What I meant to say was the forum index page is huge, and very very lengthy to load. Well lengthy as in, an extra 5-10 seconds. The page is really long.


What Dooga is referring to is the way the sub forums look, it makes the index page look bulky, I agree with him on that part, that set up looks bulky liked it the old style.


Actually, I think we can get rid of some of the descriptions of the forums, and perhaps even make categories into subcategories. Instead of a forum, we can sort of make the front page look somewhat like a list.


The new shoutbox (ajax) is what causing the slow upload. The forum is loading just fine. And I believe the forum is alright for the time being. Try closing the shoutbox (upper right corner) and load the forum or visit other pages. See if that helps.The subforums were isolated with borderline to "highten" the focus since I have moved 70+ posts just last week alone from wong forum section to where they belong.


I do like the new thing where the topic names have linebreaks.


No one likes to scroll a mile to see a forum.. Perhaps the forum could be better organized?


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