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Increase In Inappropriate Links


Today, I've banned, well, suspended atleast 3-4 people, for posting porn links. I think it's getting ridiculous. It seems as winter ends, all those members are flushing in . I suspend them. But maybe we can ban the IP addresses aswell? Chances are they aren't using a static IP though..which would obviously be a problem...I kinda regret deleting the posts, and not getting the names and IP address.But I did get this one; - farabomaaI suggest we compile a list in this thread of the IP/Names of the members we suspend for posting these inappropriate sites..


It's not just our forum, but looks like just about every IPB forum by Xisto or related so far. Xisto plus other Gamma server IPB forums have been spammed very alike.Moderators cannot IP ban. But SUSPEND is the highest punishment you can unleash. I made SUSPEND members worse than GUEST member ;)There was some forum database error which I corrected just now. Continue to fight the good fight ;)PS IP entered to IP ban for 30 days.


Ah, good thing for the increase in PM-box space; reports are coming in like crazy. But, yeah, these spammers are really getting annoying... I've suspended a few, as well.I don't delete the topics, however. I just move them to STTBA; have the IP visible there.


Another batch got sent to spam tonight. About 6 I think. If we send them there, the IP's are available for analysis, as TF says. and we will have a record of the member names, etc. I haven't noticed the same IP's on the members who have sentr the topics or posting to us. I'll bet these are the same spammer using a proxy service??? The links are all the same. A stupid Activex control download... yeah, right...And these same links are on the w3schools site, too, by the way...


Aren't you guys glad I asked for more PM space? LOL! I went over 100 today. I'm so bad....From what I hear it's pretty bad over at asta aswell...atleast bacarra is reporting like crazy .They're either using a proxy, or they have dial-up and they're not using a static IP. Either way, it's annoying.


It is very likely that these are solely bots or some automated process from an innocent person who got a virus. The forum registration system needs to be secured more. Also, I got this idea, that new members should be slightly restricted. For example, they must have more than 5 credits to post links etc.


All good ideas.Xisto is proposing CAPTCHA image validation to further secure bots from registering automatically. Although we have made all initial signing members to be a validating member who cannot post, it looks like making a fake email address and simply accepting the membership seems to be their work around.A pattern I've noticed (just because I'm good with patterns )1) a member registers with IP let's say2) few days go by and another member registeres with same IP, and usually name ending with a #3) a day later another member registeres with the same IP and this time different name with ending with a #4) the last two spam, leaving the first account with zero postSo I'm not sure if the first account is used to create and train a bot to autoregister and autopost... but seems like this is the similar behavior for past 6 accounts. You can also notice that the filthy links are usually the same or the post style is the same.Perhaps someone designed an auto crawler that can signin with a simple mouse moving scripts (this is usually the same program used for auto surf).Here are the list of IP's placed in perm. ban.Banned IP Addresses Today, 04:34 AM Today, 04:30 AM Today, 04:27 AM 125.90.*.* Yesterday, 04:29 PM Yesterday, 03:25 PM 25th January 2007 - 05:49 PM 76.214.*.* 13th January 2007 - 03:43 PM They will be removed after 30 days from the entered date.


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