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Pm Box Increase


Is there any possibility that moderators can get a 50+ PM box space increase? I'm finding myself filling up quickly. And something is possesing me, and I can't seem to delete PM's that are fairly new .Not sure what else to say, it's just a suggestion/request if you will.Thanks for considering Buffalo.


HUH? So you want total of 150 PM storage space? The current maximum storage allowed is 100.After a long pause and some deep thoughts... *ponder* *ponder*Alright. Moderators now have total space of 150 messages. Now I don't know what you are storing in your PM box but do remember to clean them out. There is a thing called "save to file"... look into it XD


Lol, I'm not storying anything bad. I just chat with other members a lot. Hope that wasn't to much of a request . I appretiate it Buffalo. I'll make sure to look into that save button.


No, there's isn't a save button... just copy to your notepad and save it to your doc file ;)And it wasn't something too much for me to do anything--just that what da heck are you saving in your inbox that is more than 100?? lol


Or perhaps the old reporting system can be introduced?


Ya, the old report system was great. I think Opaque is working on updating it to work with 2.2? I chat a lot with members, so it adds up.


Has someone removed your delete button?


I sence sarcasm? I said I don't like deleting PM's.


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