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Warning Level Question


Been awhile since I looked at a ACP board but is it possible we can get an active list of members who have been warned? I seen a few that are going back to june of 2006.Although I doubt it really matters since most of those who have been warned have long been gone and such. however we should clean up some of the old ones to members that are still active in some sort of way.


I think the best way of resolving old warnings is to have the member remain active in the forum for mods to notice their "resolution", so to speak.This means, if he/she received a warning but didn't do anything to rectify the situation by improving anyway he/she can, then perhaps he/she thinks lessly of warning received. In such case, I would not lower the warning just for the sake of lowering. It is also moderator's duty to pay attention to a good post with a member having warning(s)--and wonder why is this member still has warning when this post is good? This is the perfect time to find out who is willing to make correction.In any case, here is the txt version of warning logs. Warning, it's very long. Go nuts!


Funny most of hte people minus a handful are no longer here anyways, so that saved a whole lot of work.


That long list makes me feel bad.Oh well, I'll get over it .


Most of the time people who get warned are just the people who post stuff about viagra or how to make 2 million dollars in 2 days.


Saint_Michael 17 View Remove

Maybe he will share the wealth... Tee Hee Hee...


Poor S_M. Try and find a way to remove that one.


That log has to be at least a year old for my name to show up . The good ole days of being rambunctious...wait I still am .


Only now I can't give you a warning....darn..


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