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Interesting Idea On Deleting Spam Posts Here On Trap.


It just came to out of no where, but this should work. Is it possible to turn off the credit system on a temp basis?If so turn the credit system off and the mass delete the spam posts then turn it back on, that should be able cancel out the 1.5 loss people suffer when a post gets deleted.


Then what will happen when members make posts and don't get credits for it? It'd be a lot more trouble then it's worth. I mean, someone writes a genuine tutorial, and doesn't get credits...we've got problems.And normally when we delete a topic it's because it's spam, so the .5 extra deduced is nessicary.


There isn't ON/OFF switch for the credit system. It's integrated and part of the whole IPB code itself. OpaQue said he will make a script to delete all spam topics without hurting hosting credits, but he is tied up at the moment with other higher priority agendas.Please perform moderating topics as normal...close, make it invisible and move to spam section.Thanks everyone.


@Kubi of course it would be done when no one is on usually in early hours in the morning. I am not saying we do it while 30-40 people are on at the same time.Technically speaking scripts do have an on and off switch, not physically like you click a button and thats it. CHmodding the specific scripts to read only would do the same trick as turning it off. We would have to chmod the scripts to 447 or 407 thus make them readable only and thus cut off the writing portion of those scripts. While keeping the executed running as to be able to delete the posts in question.I highly doubt the forum would freak out on that setting and it would still be possible to delete the posts while at this chomod setting. Something that could be looked into while waiting for this script to come out.


???????????????????????????????????????????????I thought just deleting the whole topic doesn't affect the credits of an individual? If it doesn't we can just delete the first post in each of the 1000 topics and delete the whole topic after. How do admins change it manually anyways? We already have over 1000 posts queued, I think we could just delete the first post of every topic and put in some invisible forum that no one will see , not even moderators It would be like archiving forever and there would be no need to do anything about it....


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