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Opaque - Things To Do List


1] When a member runs out of hosting credit, the hosting is suspended. But it wasn't the case for member sexymama. Her domain wan't working but gamma.xisto.com/~sexymama was still working. I manually terminated her hosting.


2] When a member performs hosting account termination, the forum group status does not change accordingly. Comparing the numbers of [HOSTED] members VS actual hosting members https://support.xisto.com/ do not match up. Even after 30 days of negative credits, forum status does not change from [HOSTED] to MEMBER. Please see to it.


3] Dittos for Xisto


4] Accounts suspended for more than 30 days are not deleted from WHM automatically.



More to come...


New things to do list since the forum upgrade 2.2.1


Free Web Hosting Application


Could you edit the 3rd line where it asks for What Staff Position do you want? to My request is for:

The answer to the 3rd line, can you highlight that in BOLD RED or something, and the rest in BLUE?

Format the application post with some style. It looks very dull and hard to read

Insert member's hosting credit number at the time of the request

Fixing Community dropdown menu

There are two links to Shoutbox, #1 and #2. #2 (second one) is the correct link. The #1 seems to be the left over from the old shoutbox.

http://forums.xisto.com/index.php?act=Shoutbox <== wrong URL

http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ <== correct URL


Could you edit the 3rd line where it asks for What Staff Position do you want? to My request is for: -> fixed.


When the new version of Application Form is ready, see if you can modify the script to include the ACTUAL number of hosting credits the member has, at the time of posting.NEXT AGENDA:1) thanks for Report Center! Reminder to change the link "VIEW" to "VIEW THIS TOPIC" when a report is submitted.


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