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trap17.NET T.O.S. needs some revisions?


just today, i've been trying to register a test account at Xisto.NET (to aid in Xisto.net support queries made in our forums in here). as i went through the registration process, and going over the Xisto.NET terms of service, i noticed that there needs to be revisions to be made.



1. first and foremost is the reference throughout the page relating to RealFreeHost. i could only assume this was forgotten when the TOS was drafted.

2. the web space allotment - from 100MB (in TOS) to 333 MB Space as indicated in hosting features in the index page of Xisto.net.

3. then the filesize limit (500K, right?) instead of the 1MB in the TOS.

4. also, the LANGUAGE requirement. it lists English, Italian, French, German languages, but in the index it says ENGLISH websites only.


that's what i have gathered so far, there maybe some others.


anyway, i got only up to step 2 then when i submitted to proceed to step3, i got a cgi error of sorts. hence, i failed to completely register a test account there. and when i tried registering again with the same (sub)domain name, i can't anymore since it appears that the (sub)domain i intended to use is now unavailable. can this be removed from the database to make it available again, so i can re-register it? it is: serverph.trap17.net. i can try using a different (sub)domain, but it may turn out that i have registered more than one/multiple Xisto.net accounts, and i don't want that to happen. tried the (offline) LIVE support, and simply awaiting a reply. but if BH/Opaque gets to read this first, maybe any of you can look into it after assessing the Xisto.net TOS written above? thanks.


hee heeI guess only few do actually read the fine prints.I'll have OpaQue take a look at that and make the necessary adjustments.Thanks for catching "typos"Xisto dot NET seems to be refusing to take new accounts. Perhaps performing another spam account clean-outs. I'll have OpaQue make your request come true as soon as humanly possible.


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