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Socom Combind Assault!


Just wanted to know if any one is getting socom combind assault for the ps2.


I'm actually not getting it, but i don't own a single SOCOM game, as i've never really liked the style of play and other things about the game, which all together make me not want to play it! Something like Medal Of Honour: Frontline is more my style. Yes, it may be old, but it's a great game!

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I used to play Socom Combined Assault, the game got ususally boring after 5mins of playing it. The game itself is boring as well and seems just made the graphics little bit better and added new maps. Zipper is just wanting money from people. You can do all that just adding new maps to Socom III and everything but Zipper is just too stupid to know that lol. Maybe once in a long time i go play for 30mins to 1hr and after that i get right back off. Like Keri-j is sort of true, the game isn't my style even though i play it.


O I love Socom to me its a Drug...Crack we Socomist are Drug addicts...lol Yea i also use Codes on there for the Hell of it too


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