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Voidless Shadows Villain Group in the MMO City of Villains


Hey, I am one of the Leaders of a small group of dedicated players in the MMO City of Villains (CoV)
we're really small, but made up of active and dedicated players experienced in the game. We're getting a 5-Man Pentad team ready for the arena and cross-server PvP, you can sign-up to join on our website (sorry about the mess, there's a thread in the announcement sections if you have trouble logging on, I'm going to fix all those issues up soon, sorry =/ )
To join contact @.Chrome or @Cinder Viper. We are on the Triumph server. If you want to get into our small PvP group you will need to have a fair amount of experience and knowledge of the semi-finer (lol, I think I invented a word) details of PvP, particularly team dynamics.

EDIT: To add onto that once our PvP squad is full we will be meating at least 3 times a week until all of our characters are leveled up and ready, once we reach 50 across the board we will be meating for matches most nights, and PvP'ing in zones as much as possible, expect matches on the weekends once we are ready to go public and start doing some official SGvSG matches.


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