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Devil May Cry 4 coming to stores near you on winter 2007


I'm not sure whether this topic was repeated or I posted it in the wrg section, I'm still new here..

Capcom recently released DMC4 official website, but it's in japanese. However the trailer is in english...

DMC4 official site

Here's a bad news to DMC hardcore fans, you will no longer play as Dante in DMC4!


Here's a bad news to DMC hardcore fans, you will no longer play as Dante in DMC4!

I'm not worried about that. But the trailer makes Dante look like the bad one, now. Nero's arm and gunblade seem like some nice weapons to try out, though.
The website has been out for a while, though. So has the trailer. I like the music in it.


well... yeah... i was hoping to download the music for free from the internet... so far, i cant find it.... anyone here knows the theme song title?


i cant wait to play devil may cry 4, the only thing im little dissapointed is there is no more dante as a main character, because i really liked him(specially in devil may cry 3, in devil may cry 2 he was not good), allthou nero looks great too. the other thing im little dissapointed is that the game will be first available for consoles, which will cause me to bang my head to to the wall, just to get a little less nervous(belive me i am nervous when waiting for game while i know someone is allready playin it), until it gets converted and gets released for pc, which may take a while...


omg... PS 3... in our country it still hard to get and it's still verry expensive..sigh.. well it's better start savin up now..


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