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Mortal Kombat Armegeddon Review


I thought I toss in a review for this game since I am in my second day of playing. Basically it's a suped up version of MK Trilogies.Got the whole cast as playable characters and what not.The got rid of alot ground combo's although I havn't played every character yet. But you have to time your hits to get them in the air nad be able to do air combo's yeah!!! .The Konquest Mode didn't feel like 10 hours although I did mist some parts of it since I didn't collect all the items and what not. It was interesting and had it's moments but other then that it was like MKD konquest.What was really a let down was the fact the intro movie was in wide screen and not full screen, it was in full cg and it had it's funny moments especially the cheap shots.I havn't looked at the bonus cd yet which has more stuff in it and what not.But now to the fun part kreator mode in which you can create your own fighters and what not which is good for online play and making it more diverse. Although only problem is that you have to make several run throughs of konquest and games to get enough credits to unlock everyone you need.


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