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What Games Are The Easiest To Follow Part 2. Adding a few more versions of games I could fit at first in the first

LeAnn Rimes My Angel

I decided to do a second Poll to follow up on the first poll. If I ever think of more versions if needed I'll do another poll whenever that time comes. For me some of the Wrestling games are pretty easy to follow. Win or lose the storylines in the Wrestling games almost always change. Or in some cases you have to actually win or lose to continue on it's storylines.I got a great Football game at home for my Dreamcast and I love playing as often as I can. It's fun there's no storylines or anything. You can play the exhibition game and just simply have fun beating the other team. Nothing to follow here just a sports game that's alot of fun to play once you get the hang of it which doesn't take long at all.


Since I was the first to vote the games you pick are not put togethers should have listed rpq type games, something with actual storylines or something.

LeAnn Rimes My Angel

I also love playingHouse Of The Dead game. I just love being able to shoot off heads off of zombie's. I always find it alot of fun, I also like to play Zombie Revenge kind of like The House Of The Dead. But you actually get to control the character you're using and at least the characters have an energy bar where they have to be hit a few times to be killed.


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