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New Runescape Clan Masters Of Revenge looking for fsp and p2p members


I am one of the leaders of a new runescape clan called masters of revenge there is me griffin boy7 and pharaohsbackThe requirements are 45 combat or 50 mage or range some people lower my be excepted if they have a skill the clan could use to help them e.g 70+ smithing or something like that, i myself am a lv 79 with 1060 total my fellow leader pharaoh is a lv 80 with 1005 total, we are looking for any f2p or p2p members. there are basic rules no swearing etc and u most post at least 4 times a week or you will be deleted. there are also special ranks u can obtain by being a loyal and active member.

The web address is http://z6.invisionfree.com/Masters_of_Revenge


Boring, first time I saw runescape I playd for 2 min I was like NO WAY and delelted everything from it. that game so soooo disapointing after all those years sucky grafixs.


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