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[ragnarok Online] Aoiro Needs Developers


AoiRO is a fairly new server that has just created [atm, it's still a test server]. AoiRO is making a Ragnarok private server which have many quest items. So, we need a good experienced developer/s to help us start the server and to help create the new era private server with loads of quests. We need a good smart developer/s that can do almost everything for a server [scripting, sprite making, tons of brand new ideas]. AoiRO will also make a donation section which allows AoiRO pays a good wage for the developers.


If you are interested at joining AoiRO Team, please email us at AoiRO.Team@gmail.com


Note: A friendly and easy going developer/s would be awesome. Developer/s need to be responsible, creative, smart, and can do everything a server would need. Web designing skill would also helps. EXPERIENCE NEEDED.


AoiRO might recruit MORE THAN ONE developers, so, keep the email coming!


I have expirence on been gm, i use to be one in the past, if you need onei am good at that.I am from Argentina and that game is very used here.


What server are you running on?Athena based, Weiss based (Prometheus) or Aegis ??


i didn't know ragnarok still exists. oh well, i guess there are still fanatics of the game. it has been a long time since i've played this game.


@mbacarraYou again... =DSame to me... I've played this game a long time ago... It used to have only one server and it was still on beta... I loved this game... however it announced that would become paid... Not sure if it really happened... however I had a doubt and decided not to worry about it... So, I quit... Nowaways I'm not playing any mmorpg anymore... Got bored... I would like to go back playing those games again... They are really exciting and it's nice to do some virtual friendship!


can u tell me how to make private server if u know pls PM me........


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