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Irritated What kind of an idiot came up with this rule?


I'm so irritated right now. I've been warned about signing my posts with username at the end.

Every post I make I try very hard to write using proper English grammar and spelling. I also use proper etiquette when writting something in a forum. Etiquette recommends that you sign your name to the end of a message after you close the message.

The fact the the following only earns about 0.02 credits is a ridiculous reason to ban proper message closing altogether!

Hope this helps!

This is the polite and proper way to end a post! The fact that you didn't simply explain that the number of credits earned for this is so small that it wouldn't matter in the end is really sad. If members think that the system is being exploited don't make more work fro yourself instead of explaining the truth and putting an end to the situatuion.

As is happens, I have -232 credits here at Xisto since I'm not active with this forum. I have no desire to be active in this forum and this idiotic rule is just one of the many reasons. There is a lot of graphic design talent here which is the only reason I have any interest here. If I were to post messaages twice the size of my final greeting, it would take 5800 posts to get me out of the negative. What difference does it make?

My point is that this is a rule for the sake of having a rule. Instead of policing the random happenings of every little post maybe get rid of the multitude of problem members you obviously have. If you don't understand the system, don't make up a stupid rule that only serves to cause problems in the end.

Get bent!


Since Xisto is filled with kids who failed to read forum rules before starting to participate in Xisto forum, we moderators of Xisto decided to police all referrals and signing offs. This was an unanimous decision and it is established as an amendment to the set forum rules. I don't know who gave you a warning (not an actual warning but a PM I'm sure since mods cannot receive warning level) but without knowing the actual message it is hard to say what's going on here.But moderators will not use the tone of disrespect in any fashion to each other. Vujsa, if you can forward me the PM. But the foremost request is that I want moderators of Xisto to be on the same page--no referrals of any gain or signing off with posts.Thanks.OH PS, do you need your hosting credits reset?


It wasn't the Moderator or the PM that irritates me, it is the rule. The moderator was just rying to let me know about the rule. The message was very pleasant and was in the tone that it was allowed here and that other members would complain if it was seen.The biggest reason that I do not participate at Xisto is because I am a very strict enforcer of the rules at Xisto. If I were an active Mod here there would be problems since I would raise nearly everyones warning level. We used to have spammers and junk posters living at Xisto but they don't survive long anymore. I understand that the two websites are very different but if you have a problem with a member trying to take advantage of the credit system, get rid of the member not formulate some petty rule instead.I mean a username alone is worth what maybe 0.005 credits! Why would this be an issue?So the rule here is to write whatever crappy post you want since you aren't allowed to close it properly anyhow?All I can say is wow.


The crappy posts, as you put it, are enforced according to forum rules. Warnings are given to spammers. Repeated spammers are banned in the first site of a repeat.Again, without seeing the actual PM I'm only guessing the PM contained "don't sign off because it earns... xxxx credits" ? If that is what's wrong with this situation perhaps the PM could be written differently in the future.Not signing off with a post, I felt, was part of "don't promote your own topic we all can read it" and I interpreted further with a meaning "we all can see who wrote it". We can enforce Xisto rules with zero tolerance. But OpaQue didn't want it that way. So if that means to babysit Xisto young members then so be it... I know, this would not exist in Xisto forum. But Xisto accommodates it--for the teens, ruthless teens with attitudes. If I don't have to separate personal feelings and being a moderator, I would have banned just about everyone who questioned my authority...like MaineFishing45, michalper22, and calling me bunch of a** jerks by AD in their little forum place.But I have to tolerate it because OpaQue want Xisto to be a specific format and Xisto to be a different format. Therefore I enforce these rules with the best way I know how to translate. And I ask all moderators to help Xisto with one unified understanding. I'm sorry that the message wasn't logical. Perhaps we sent the same message one too many times that it became redundant. We will enforce with more strictness from now on. Okay?


I guess it really doesn't matter if you post the PM here, since it's was has you said, nice and pleasent. But just like at Xisto, we're strict on rules. We have a lot more of the younger population here, even some younger then 13. So we wanna make sure they're not mouthing off, spamming, and so on.I'm not expert on Xisto, since I've only but glanced at it, but it seems to be dedicated to the more mature audiance, more technology related. As for Xisto being more general, leaving gaps for spam. That's why we're so strict here. Just makes things a tad bit easier.


just to add to the discussion, all posts here are trailed with the signature of the poster... which to my knowledge is there to sign off a post with whatever a user wants to display after his posts, be it his username or other quotes or anything else one can think of. so the rule on NOT signing off with one's username is with some logic to it, since that is what the signature is about. a member's signature can be utilized to reflect his want of signing off with his username if he wishes it. this will resolve the issue on insistence on using "proper etiquette", although "proper etiquette" is more than signing off with one's username.but in case a member disables his board options so as not to view others' signatures (just like in my case, so as to hasten page loading on my dialup connection), it is not lost on us who read the post who actually wrote the post one is reading. even without viewing a sig, it is always indicated clearly in the forums who the poster is. even without a sign-off, one knows who wrote anything in the forums. a username sign-off is not a clear-cut indication of a person's etiquette; how one conveys one's message is.and since this forum works on a credit system (even without one's intent of us getting hosted in here), a rule is a rule which we need to apply. it is without question that staffers should be the first to abide by our rules, since ordinary members are bound to follow our behaviour in here. if they see, "oh it's okay for a moderator to sign off with his/her username even if it's the rule not to", then their attitude would be "maybe it's okay to do it also!" -- one which we don't want to happen since it will create greater havoc in our forums.to sum it up, it is my conviction that it not stupid to have the rule on not signing off with posts. besides, it's one simple rule which i believe does not lower one's sense of propriety in the digital world.


I don't suppose that you guys have any kind of maximum size for a signature here do you?


I really like the ones where the signature is twice as big as the post! I personally think that if your signature isn't at least half a gain as big as your post then you simply are writting way too much information in your post!


I guess I'm really out of place here cause I have such a small signature whis is about the maximum on most websites but here the sky is the limit.


Anyway back to the seriousness of the situation:

As for Xisto being "less strict", I think that you mave have that backwards. We send our troublemakers to you since Xisto is more lenient. The point of this entire post is the hypocrisy of being so strict about this one insignificant rule but allowing so many other issues go by without notice. If I actually thoght that this rule was worth the bits it is stored as, I'd be more than happy to suspend the account of anyone that breaks such a rule.


God help you if I see you plagiarize or spam at Xisto cause I get pretty mean about it. My favorite tactic is to suspend a persons account then in their email tell them to simply PM me if they feel that they have been treated unfairly. YOU CAN'T PM ME IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED! Since we regularly work without the Admins visiting very often, it is often left to the Moderators to dish out the penalties of breaking the rules.


My point isn't what is strict and what isn't, it is the logic used when creating some rules. In this case, the rule has no logic.


Having said that, thank you for pointing out the absurd rule to me so that I may make every attempt to mindlessly follow it without reason.

In all seriousness, now that I know that the rule exists here, I'll do my best to follow it but signing off as you call it is habit of etiquette which may be hard for me to break. Feel free to remove any such ofensive sign offs and PM me to remind me to do a better job.


Thank You,


Alright, I think all views have been addressed and there is nothing new we can discuss further from this point.The "no sign off with post" is not a rule but a guideline... but it's a rule never-the-less. It is not part of the forum rule and thus I have asked moderators of Xisto to PM first. When a member deliberately ignors moderator's guideline that's when a warning will be issued. Yes, it can be said that if it's enforced it's a part of the rule. But I didn't want that to be one of critical focus of Xisto. So it is enforced without any merit, you can say that.I thank you all for placing different aspects of moderating this wonderful forum. I will stop this discussion before any further words to exchange and later might regret. It was my interpretation that lead to this point. And perhaps this is a welcomed event that we should take a look what we have done, and what we can enhance. What I will not stand is to have moderators of Xisto in conversing in a way that may presumed unmoderatorly (if this is a valid word) conduct. In the heat of debating certain words may seem hurtful. Some veteran moderators understand the core of Xisto Corporation. This is to be respected. Some moderators understand aspects that may be different. This also is to be respected.No more replies on this matter, please.Xisto enforces signature size. The topic is pinned as well. I have repeatedly asked large signature bearing members to regulate, including moderators. I will be a hyprocrite if I punish regular members and slide moderators. And so they have promised either to post as much as their sid size or reduce the sig. They know who they are. But not every post can be as lengthy and full of quality. It is the willingness of their try that I oversee the fault. And for that perhaps I should be the one who change first. I am not a diligent admin as I thought I was.Thank you and this matter is closed. No more replies.


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