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If You Are A Fan Of Megaman

Robbie Rotten

Are you mad when hearing MMXC getting cut down to bare bones ? Do you betrayed that MHX and MMPU sequels are on hold ? Or are you sad because MegaMan Star Force looks like much a Pokémon instead of a MegaMan series and it is the only treatment a 20-year old franchise is getting ?

Now is your chance to speak loud and time for your voice to be heard after have been patient.

Jaxel from The Mega Man Network has written a petition will be sent to Capcom , requesting for the MegaMan: Powered Up! and Maverick Hunter X series to be continued on the upcoming Nintendo Wii. Jaxel wanted to make it very clear and he will not send it to Capcom unless it gets at least 1000 sigs (3000 should be a good number)

If you have friends who also like MegaMan , send them the link lead to the petition and help spread the word.


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