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What Versions Of Games Are The Easiest To Follow. Movie based games or complete fiction games.

LeAnn Rimes My Angel

My favourite kind of games are mostly movie based games like Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith game. Although I think that the movie was pretty good. The game play is a whole lot more darker and you actually get to see the Jedi die where as in the movie they cut it out completely.Of course the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games and the Simpsons games are always the most entertaining. More than anything I like movie based games a little more. If you get confused while playing the game whatever it is. You at least get to see what the actual movies themselves fail to show. Movie based games almost always gives the player more info. And depending on who it is you might be playing as your favourite movie Star in some form or another.


I loved the teenage mutant ninja turtle game, I liked being the guy with claws lol. Simpsons game is really similar so yea I like it too. I think complete fiction are easiest to follow, just because you are expecting less from the game than you would a movie based. If a movie based game misses out on something you feel disappointed. But with the other type, there is nothing to expect, so you make sure you follow directions. Its not like movie games are bad though, i still love spiderman 2 the game, great fun


generally, i dont like games that are made after a movie or cartoon, because in most cases they s**k. examples: catwoman(god, save me from that game, dont wanna see it again) x-men series(none was really good) star wars(only few good games, others not really...) the cronicles of narnia( ) and many many more.

of course there are some good games after movies( king kong, the cronicles of riddick, something of lord of the rings, dont remember exact title...), but gennerally, when i see a game made after a movie, i run and hide in my panic room(which i got an idea to bild after i saw that movie, catwoman, to hide somewhere where catwoman the game could not get to me(but was too late))


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